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The Idea Hut Philosophy —
always think like a customer

We believe that the biggest part of our job is taking the time to think about your business the way customers would. We strive to uncover those qualities that make each business unique—from the customer’s perspective. That way we’re able to help make promises your brand can keep, strengthen customer connections, and grow business.

Remember, marketing is more than pretty pictures, running an ad, or having a website. It’s about determining objectives and building communications plans that are smart. It’s about developing relevant content and integrated marketing messages, rooted in stellar creative design. In full, it’s about building a brand that has meaning for your customers.

At Idea Hut we start by asking simple, but important questions. What’s important to you? Why are you successful? What challenges are you facing? Next, we examine what makes your business stand ou t in the minds of customers. Why do they come to you? What are they thinking about when they make their choice? What challenges are they facing? How will you help them? Then we apply our many years of branding and marketing experience to create communications that build solid relationships between you and your customers.

Importantly, our plans aren’t about the ways things have always been done. We care most about making marketing decisions that get results and justify the investment. Sometimes that’s with tried and true methods; sometimes it takes thinking about things in a whole new way. Whatever the case, with Idea Hut you’ll always get invaluable concepts, creative that gets noticed, and media selections that are relevant.

"We were literally perceived as an established business right out of the gate. I have no doubt whatsoever that the image Idea Hut built for us contributed to our success."

Rob Shoaf, Founder & CEO,
Point Integrity Solutions


"Now, I’m getting phone calls from customers who live 45 minutes away, and I’m coming up on top in the search engines. "

Dave Closson, Owner,
DEC Contracting Tree Service.

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